Murder Most Mundane - Graphic Novel

Mad Robot Comics

Everyone loves a murder mystery.

But how many murders are too many?

Welcome to Fadfield - a tranquil, idyllic village where the type of murders are inventive and the murder rate is somewhat high….

What secrets lurk behind this unusual status quo - what mysteries lie in the local traditions and unspoken past?

Can an cynical, damaged police detective penetrate the veil of secrecy and local suspicion - and get to the bottom of this violent and sinister puzzle? 

And once he does…will he wish he’d left well alone.......?

Hot Fuzz meets SE7EN with more murders than you can shake a Poirot at. 

Murder Most Mundane is a beautifully illustrated, full colour, original graphic novel - told in the vein of dark, brutal humour that people have come to expect from Mad Robot Comics.

Writers: Ash Deadman and Matt Hardy

Art: Clark Bint

Colours: Edward Bentley

Letters: Rob Jones 

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